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Banking made easy.
Discover how easy it is to overview your finances with VÚB Mobile Banking.

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AR Map Revolution

Remember the first time you used the map app on your smartphone? The magic of the blue-dot and step-by-step directions has undoubtedly changed the way we think about navigation, the physical world around us, and it has also given life to a new layer of location-aware experiences and conveniences.

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Trends Shaking Up Retail Payments

In the hyper competitive payments market, advances in voice technology and a rapid rise in contactless (tap-to-pay) cards represent profitable options for banking providers looking to differentiate and grow.

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What is adversarial artificial intelligence and why does it matter?

Adversarial AI is the malicious development and use of advanced digital technology and systems that have intellectual processes typically associated with human behaviour. These include the ability to learn from past experiences, and to reason or discover meaning from complex data.

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Crypto-Tokens Provide New Ways to Supercharge Customer Loyalty

75% of consumers are active in no more than three customer loyalty programs at any one time, so it takes plenty of effort to find ways to stand out from the crowd by creating a loyalty program with maximum flexibility. One of the ways that some companies are exploring is linking loyalty programs to crypto-tokens and giving customers plenty of options regarding how to use them.

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How technology is transforming the food chain

We're experiencing the second green revolution, and it's a digital one, whether you're talking about using technology for agricultural production, or using technology throughout the supply chain, to protect food and distribute it to a marketplace.

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Bank of America Brings AI to Account Receivables

Artificial intelligence is making its way into the messy world of account receivables for those corporates processing large volumes of payments, thanks to Bank of America Merrill Lynch and fintech startup, High Radius.

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Artificial Intelligence Needs a Strong Data Foundation

With the potential of providing ‘smart’ solutions for a variety of challenges, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are getting a lot of attention. But, before try to built an AI solution, make sure your data foundation is strong.

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You’ve heard of Bitcoin, but what about Ethereum?

You’ve just got to grips with Bitcoin – maybe you’ve even used it. Well, it has a new challenger on the scene that’s got the support of some major businesses. Ethereum is gaining popularity and its value is rising.

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How banks and fintechs are partnering for financial inclusion

Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion examines how partnerships between mainstream financial institutions and fintechs are expanding access to the formal financial economy for underserved segments of the global population, particularly in emerging markets.

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What’s driving the return of QR?

Until recently, choosing between NFC payments and QR codes would have been an easy choice. Now, large processors, Mastercard and Visa exploring the method for merchant payments, and popular P2P apps like Venmo using the technology, it seems like the barcode-based system is resurfacing.

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