Payments to mobile phone number

The easiest way of making payments

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Discover how to pay to the mobile phone numbers of your contacts

Settle payments in a quick and comfortable way

You don't need to remember long bank account numbers anymore or wait until your friends send them to you. Pay back your friends for a lunch or cinema tickets simply by sending money to their mobile phone number.

Making payments has never been so easy. If you know the mobile phone number of the recipient, you can make payments up to 200 € directly in the mobile banking application.


Discover how to make payments to mobile phone number

Watch the tutorial

Watch the tutorial

Discover the key features

  • Less writing

    Instead of using a long IBAN number you can enter just the phone number of the recipient. You can do it in a jiffy: just select the desired phone number from the contacts of your phone.

  • Quick payment

    Sending money to a phone number is quick and easy. All you have to do is to insert the phone number, the amount and confirm the transaction with Mobile PIN.

Banking made easy.

Discover how easy it is to overview your finances with VÚB Mobile Banking.

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